Born at CHOP.

With support from DreamIt and Rittenhouse Ventures.

Haystack was founded to solve a real problem, impacting healthcare organizations every day: how to effectively protect patient privacy. Our visual approach originated in the mind of Dr. Bimal Desai, CMIO at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. The image in the banner above represents a graphical visualization of patient-provider interactions over a two-week period at CHOP. 

DreamIt Ventures incubated the idea and helped us bring into the world a product that not only helps hospitals protect patient privacy, but also delights patient privacy professionals. Rittenhouse Ventures further accelerated our growth.


Our Approach

  1. Using multiple detection engines, Haystack identifies improper behavior: hospital employees snooping on patients' information.
  2. Through our multiple visualization lenses, privacy professionals understand the context of the patients-staff interactions.
  3. Contextual data entry allows for the seamless preparation of documentation necessary for internal and regulatory review.
  4. Haystack reinforces employees' training in patient privacy matters, acting as an educational aid.
  5. Because employees know their actions are being monitored, they are less likely to snoop in the first place.